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04-11-2007, 10:01 PM
my local freecycle has said 'no pets allowed to be offered n november and december bcus of christmas' yeh is ee the point, dont want ne1 getting a 'free pet' jus cus its xmas then get bored, but if they are worried about thtis then they shud stop full stop.

i have emailed the moderator stating that th epoint of the site is to stop thinkings ending up in landfill and pets wouldnt. also no pet can be garenteed a good home through freecycle so why should any pet suffer bcus they being offered on the wrong month??? grr it makes me mad theyre all for stopping it in the run up 2 xmas but any poor pet thats put on there in say january...oh thats fine!!!!

grrrr sorry needed a rant