View Full Version : Sponsored walk for Happy Hoppers

06-09-2007, 11:39 AM
:wave: Hi there

I am going to try and arrange a sponsored walk (Dog Walk) on a saturday towards the end of September in aid of Happy Hoppers. To give Sooz a bit of a boost cash wise!!

Thought we could all meet up in Derbyshire (maybe Chatsworth) and i'll plan a nice easy route that everyone can do, including children.

If anyone would like to join in please let me know. I'll arrange and send out sponsorship forms etc and maps of the route. Plus directions for those that might like to come from outside of South Yorkshire/Derbyshire.

Any suggestions of how far and dates please add to thread.

Hope lots of people can come and we can raise some money to help Sooz rescue and care for all those gorgeous buns out there!

Helen x