View Full Version : Furious three times in a week

25-08-2007, 03:12 PM
Tuesday watched a stupid girl chase a horse round a field, screaming and shouting trying to catch him, poor thing was terrified :censored: :(

Friday night, phonecall from my Aunt; 'we've finally decided to get Katie (My cousin) a pet, we want a rabbit and a guinea pig together' :censored:

Cue usual spiel, not recommended to keep them together, dietary requirements etc 'oh but Katie wants a rabbit and I quite fancy a guinea pig'

Head against a brick wall :censored: :censored:

Today, I've been to everyones favourite shop :censored: :evil: :censored:

Am so furious, have already emailed their head office, posted my letter to the store manager and will be posting my letter to head office as well

Oh well, things can only get better :lol: