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  1. Available Individual: Lovely lionhead female for adoption
  2. Available Rescue: Nethie/lop x buck Newcastle
  3. Rehomed: Vimto...new piccy
  4. Reserved: Radish...single boy
  5. Available Rescue: Honeybun 4 year old female lop
  6. Available Rescue: Larger lady seeks forever home.
  7. Available Rescue: Angora x petite male
  8. Rehomed: Sooty male nethie
  9. Available Rescue: Rosa - single house bun?
  10. Rehomed: Betty, 2-year old female, Twickenham
  11. Available Individual: Buck bunnies need help, being fostered temp
  12. Available Rescue: fern and turner
  13. Available Rescue: Oakley...young single male
  14. Available Rescue: Phoebe a gorgeous friendly girl
  15. Available Rescue: bailey continental giant, 8 months old needs special home
  16. Available Individual: Two unbonded buns need a home- Wales
  17. Wanted: Neutered Boar Piggy
  18. Available Rescue: 2 fluffy brothers
  19. Rehomed: molly (Guinea Pig)
  20. Rehomed: dot & ethal need a forever home
  21. Available Rescue: Bassett rex x seeks girlfriend & forever home
  22. Rehomed: bonded foursome need spacious home
  23. Available Rescue: mum and daughter piggies
  24. Available Rescue: Ginger ... single female
  25. Available Rescue: Biscuit..single boy
  26. Tangerine Dream - Continental Giant Needs a Home
  27. Available Rescue: Young male lop ... real character bun
  28. Available Rescue: Rexes
  29. Available Rescue: Really bonded trio of girls that we don't want to have to split!
  30. Rehomed: Fraggle.. single male...must go as a housebun
  31. Rehomed: Forest and Fern...beautiful pair...
  32. Available Rescue: Elgar Very Friendly boy
  33. Reserved: Chocolate dutch girlie
  34. Available Individual: Bonded pair of house bunnies need home- Kent
  35. Available Rescue: biscuit the car park bunny
  36. Rehomed: sarah and jane
  37. Available Rescue: buggles
  38. Rehomed: RSPCA Reading Rabbits French and dwarf lop
  39. Available Rescue: Bubbles & Smokie
  40. Available Rescue: Gorgeous Mango looking for a new home
  41. 14 bunnies in need of rescue places by tomorrow/ rspca are dealing with it
  42. Reserved: Siouxie single dutch female...update p2
  43. Available Rescue: Crackers and Cinders are looking for a new mummy!
  44. Available Individual: Lionhead buck needs home Hamshire
  45. Available Individual: Jess needs home, small Dutch
  46. Available Rescue: 2 syrian hamsters need home asap
  47. Available Rescue: Pretty boys in Twickenham - Bill and Ben
  48. Available Rescue: Anyone For A Biscuit? REHOMED
  49. Foster Wanted: Female german lop
  50. Available Individual: Buck looking for home- Forest of Dean
  51. 4 month lop buck
  52. Available Individual: 4 piggies and a bunny, need home
  53. Available Rescue: Roz - 2 yr old lionhead doe
  54. Doyle
  55. Reserved: lizzie, seeks husbun and forever home
  56. Available Rescue: daisy, lionhead cross
  57. Available Individual: Babies looking for homes
  58. Rehomed: Apache......fresh appeal...
  59. Available Rescue: bingo needs home
  60. Available Rescue: boo needs a home
  61. Available Rescue: brandy needs a home
  62. Available Rescue: bandit
  63. Wanted: Older Female, small breed
  64. Available Rescue: Some of our residents
  65. Available Rescue: Martha - pretty 2yr old doe - Tameside
  66. Available Rescue: Fred - friendly choclate mini lop buck - REHOMED!
  67. Available Rescue: Betty - friendly chocolate mini lop doe - Tameside
  68. Available Rescue: Harold - young German lop buck - Tameside
  69. Available Rescue: Lily - REW Frenchie doe - Tameside
  70. Available Individual: Baby bun looking for home
  71. Reserved: Sandy ... single doe
  72. Urgent- Fosterers required, bunnies in desperate need
  73. Bibble - Experienced Home Needed
  74. Available Rescue: mischief
  75. Available Rescue: cindy, needs to be loved/now reserved
  76. Available Rescue: Angora ladies in need of a very special home!
  77. Available Rescue: Buck lionhead called Ginger needs home -Surrey
  78. Reserved: jane, 18 months old
  79. Rehomed: smurf, 2year old lionhead buck
  80. Available Rescue: 2 male rats
  81. Urgent!!!- Fosterers required (2nd try), bunnies in desperate need
  82. Available Individual: 7 bunnies needing homes
  83. Available Individual: Zeb, needs new home
  84. Available Rescue: Sow, Baby Boars New Sow added
  85. Available Rescue: Uno - 15 week old doe
  86. Available Rescue: Jenga - 15 week old doe
  87. Available Rescue: rolo...choc rex 1 year old
  88. Available Rescue: dandelion
  89. Rehomed: lulu and lara mother and baby looking for a home together
  90. Available Rescue: Ludo REHOMED
  91. Foster Wanted: Can anyone in Essex foster?
  92. Available Individual: Three bunnies in need of a home-morpeth
  93. Wanted: Volunteers
  94. Wanted: hutches/cages on loan
  95. Available Individual: Lop buck left at boarders needs home.
  96. Rehomed: Maxi needs a home, Buck
  97. Available Individual: 5 babies looking for homes
  98. Rehomed: Dutch bunny & piggie (separate) - Nottinghamshire
  99. Foster Wanted: 9 cashmere lops PICTURES ADDED
  100. Rehomed: A pair of large / giant bunnies ...new pics p5 and p6
  101. retirement home needed.......no longer available
  102. Available Rescue: 2 year old Pair REHOMED
  103. Available Rescue: Ginnie the Guinea!Desperate Need
  104. Available Rescue: Special bunny needs loving home
  105. sorry ... double post ..
  106. Available Rescue: 2 Wonderful Oldies..
  107. Rehomed: beautiful Cleo piggie
  108. Available Rescue: 2 young sister pigs
  109. Reserved: pair of lovely nethie crosses..new pics
  110. Available Rescue: Dreamer - young choc & tan boy
  111. Available Rescue: flapjack, 18 month old female
  112. Reserved: brock, tri colour dutch
  113. Available Rescue: cookie and donald
  114. Rehomed: Sophie med / large single girlie bun
  115. Available Rescue: small nethie female - Manchester
  116. Lionhead Doe Looking for a Home
  117. My Lovely Fosters Who Need Forever Homes (U/D post 17)
  118. Available Individual: Midnight, beautiful little girl.
  119. Available Rescue: zippy chinchilla male 18 months
  120. Available Rescue: zebedee, 6 month old male
  121. Available Rescue: wizard, 1 year old buck
  122. Rehomed: tansy and tequila
  123. Wanted: Neutered male -1 year old pref black
  124. Available Individual: Large Female Angora
  125. Available Rescue: Dale Nethie Boy
  126. Reserved: Spider the Himilayan
  127. Available Rescue: Lightening & Poly
  128. Reserved: Older lady Daisy
  129. Available Rescue: Billy & Barney
  130. Available Rescue: Tri-dutch
  131. Available Rescue: Pair of lionhead girls
  132. Available Rescue: Blossom, Clover and Lily
  133. Rehomed: Thumper
  134. felicity and fern girlie guinea pigs need special home
  135. rosie and lucy female guinea pigs
  136. Available Rescue: Jim a 14 week old REW male
  137. Available Rescue: Ruby - Doe - Newcastle
  138. Available Rescue: 14 week old sisters
  139. Available Rescue: Mature woman looking for a date
  140. Rehomed: Otter a silver fox lop boy
  141. 2x Brain Damaged Guinea Pigs Need a Home
  142. Available Rescue: Plea On Behalf Of Burton On Trent (stretton) Branch Rspca _ Lots Of Buns Needing Home
  143. Available Rescue: Large lady seeks male companion
  144. Stitch the 1 eyed bunny buck
  145. Available Rescue: 2 Handsome Rex BoarsREHOMED
  146. Available Rescue: Violet Special bunUpdate RESERVED
  147. Available Rescue: Special Home for Lovely Pair NEW pic!
  148. Available Rescue: Desperate Plea Special Needs/Dental bunnies
  149. Available Rescue: Liquorice and Bassett
  150. Rehomed: Patch and Zippy
  151. Available Rescue: Rosie
  152. Available Individual: Black and white dutch buck
  153. aggressive female and 6 babies
  154. Foster Wanted: Anyone want to long-term foster a trio?? No longer needed!
  155. Reserved: The apple of your eye?
  156. Available Rescue: Meet Alfie
  157. Available Rescue: Meet Denver a 6 months old lionhead
  158. Reserved: Meet Tigerlily and Mousey
  159. Available Rescue: Dwarf hamsters 0 & 4 & 8 weeks old
  160. Available Individual: Two doe's looking for home - Wales
  161. Rehomed: Young Single female ...Daisy Doo....
  162. Rehomed: Smirmoff
  163. Rehomed: Houdini ...Quiet single boy
  164. Rehomed: Charley 12 week old female rex x
  165. Available Rescue: Rowan the Rat (nottingham)
  166. Available Individual: French lop buck - Hampshire
  167. Rehomed: ruby and pearl 5 year old sister,s
  168. Reserved: candy
  169. Rehomed: Appeal For Dale UPDATE REHOMED
  170. baby rabbits looking for a home - East Yorks
  171. Reserved: cadbury
  172. Rehomed: OTIS, the otter rex
  173. Rehomed: Eddie McFizel
  174. Reserved: Little Grey
  175. Available Rescue: Bambini
  176. Rehomed: Gingy
  177. Rehomed: Cutie Womble UPDATE REHOMED
  178. Rehomed: baloo, big girl seeks spacious home
  179. Rehomed: Neutered Piggies REHOMED
  180. Reserved: neutered boy piggywigs...
  181. Available Individual: Bunny at vets needs help-South Wales
  182. Available Individual: Urgent home for six giant french lops
  183. Available Individual: 26 rabbits need homes
  184. Available Rescue: 2 three year old sisters
  185. Available Individual: two piggies need home / male
  186. Available Rescue: Starsky has had a bad start in life, can you offer him a lovely new home?
  187. Available Rescue: Laboo, A Mini Rex Doe Is Looking For A New Home
  188. Available Rescue: Gorgeous Couple, Harvey & Honey Are Looking For A Forever Home Together
  189. Available Rescue: Ellie and Bliss Beautiful Girls!
  190. Available Rescue: hamsters
  191. Available Individual: Cookie and Treacle need home
  192. foster homes needed at eastbourne rabbit rescue
  193. Rehomed: Dudley and Smudge...more pics p2
  194. Rehomed: Amstel ...lovely Dutch Boy
  195. Available Rescue: bugsy and dolly, tri coloured dutchies
  196. Rehomed: Oakley...this time please find me a home..
  197. Available Rescue: fern and turner in rescue for a year/ now reserved
  198. Available Rescue: bebe, 5 year old frenchie
  199. Available Individual: Rats needing help
  200. Just so you're aware - lack of internet
  201. Available Individual: 4 baby giants
  202. Available Individual: Appeal for aggressive bunny
  203. Available Rescue: Bob REHOMED
  204. a pair of 6 year old mini lops need home asap....piccies added
  205. Available Individual: Bunny need in home - doe - staffs
  206. Available Individual: two female piggies looking for homes
  207. Available Rescue: alice (british giant) and jasper(french lop)
  208. URGENT PTS 31/10/08 ST. Augustine
  209. Reserved: Gerbil's looking for homes
  210. Available Individual: Roxy is a black dutch female in Cambridge
  211. Reserved: Princess is looking for Prince Charming
  212. Available Rescue: Rosie aka Squirrel Nutkin
  213. In Need of Rehoming - New Update Post 6
  214. Reserved: Cracker is ready for his special home now
  215. Available Rescue: Hugo Gorgeous Friendly Boy
  216. Available Rescue: Misty, gorgeous female dwarf lop
  217. Available Rescue: Humphrey, lovely neutered male piggy
  218. Reserved: Sasha georgeous single girlie
  219. Rehomed: Rosa..nice girl REHOMED
  220. Available Rescue: Honey needs a home!
  221. Available Rescue: Can you give us a home in time for christmas? U/D message from Delilah
  222. Rehomed: Tigerlily, harlequin lop, for ARC Twickenham
  223. Available Rescue: Stella and Bobby
  224. Available Rescue: Honey's babies
  225. Available Rescue: Pair of young rabbits
  226. Available Rescue: Rosie & Jemima
  227. Rehomed: Levi ....georgeous , Friendly , Young Single Boy ...
  228. Available Rescue: Chips!!
  229. Available Individual: Two neutered girls - Hampshire
  230. Home required for little lop :-(
  231. 10 x 12wk? Old Buns in Need of Rehoming UD Pics Post 17
  232. Available Rescue: Roxy Dutchie looking for a home
  233. Available Rescue: Ginny needs a new home
  234. Available Rescue: Ozzy and Sharon
  235. Reserved: Rascal needs a new home
  236. Available Rescue: PLEASE Can We Have A Home?
  237. Available Rescue: Feeling broody ... wanting a baby!
  238. Available Rescue: candies 6 babies now looking for forever homes
  239. Available Rescue: Anyone looking for a bunny?
  240. Available Individual: Female mini rex looking for home - Norwich
  241. Rehomed: Nushka Beautiful Housebunny
  242. Reserved: lovely dainty little dutch girl...
  243. Mice - not rabbits!
  244. Available Individual: 9 month aggressive rex needs home
  245. Available Rescue: Simba...please see new thread ..
  246. Available Rescue: Dillon...please see new thread
  247. Available Rescue: Flossie
  248. Reserved: Kenny
  249. Rehomed: Jasmine and Danny
  250. Available Individual: 25 longhaired female piggies looking for homes