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  1. Available Rescue: Naomi REW Rex Doe
  2. Available Rescue: Anyone looking for a male?!
  3. Rehomed: lop or not???? Ruben single boy...
  4. Wanted: Male rabbit - Northern Ireland
  5. Available Individual: 24 week old female - Sussex
  6. Rehomed: Ten week old female piggies - Twickenham
  7. Reserved: Tigerlily...georgeous , mega friendly ..single female.
  8. Rehomed: Rosie and Bertie
  9. Available Rescue: Luna - female lionhead cross 1 year old
  10. Reserved: Penny - black and tan cross breed seeks a new man in her life
  11. Available Individual: Sparkle - Female Lionhead Cross
  12. Rescue Spaces Needed for Rabbits in Sussex
  13. Available Individual: Shimmer - Female Lionhead Cross
  14. Available Individual: Baby Lionhead Crosses Update - Only 2 left!
  15. Available Rescue: Charlie and Lola, need home
  16. Available Individual: Female housebun in need of a home
  17. Giant bunny needing home - U/D piccies added!
  18. Reserved: Young Single Male Bunny ...warning another cutie ..new pics
  19. Reserved: Gizmo..new piccy p3
  20. Rehomed: ROSIE & OLIVE - year old girls.
  21. Rehomed: Gilbert & Muffin More Pics Added
  22. Reserved: Baby Rabbits - Suffolk
  23. Available Rescue: Crockett Nethie Boy
  24. Available Rescue: Merry
  25. Rehomed: A fresh appeal for Billy and Emily..NEW PICS P2
  26. Rehomed: Fifi gorgeous female lop for ARC Twickenham
  27. Wanted: female with teeth problems
  28. Available Rescue: Special Appeal For Betsy
  29. Available Rescue: Male gerbils needing homes
  30. Available Rescue: Buck chocolate lionhead County Durham
  31. Available Rescue: Cas and Milly
  32. Rehomed: Barney...single male piggie
  33. Available Rescue: Oscar ...single male piggie..MORE CUTIE PICS
  34. Available Rescue: Soli - Giant x Rex - Suffolk
  35. Available Rescue: More baby Rabbits - Suffolk
  36. Rehomed: Poor Astrid...looking for a home again
  37. Available Individual: Three bunnies need home URGENT - Uttoxeter
  38. Available Individual: Urgent help, lady being evicted today
  39. Available Rescue: Ashley male bun
  40. Available Rescue: Beautiful Snow, doe, young adult
  41. Available Rescue: bracken, young adult Doe
  42. Available Rescue: Patches, young buck
  43. Available Rescue: Apple Young Male
  44. Available Rescue: A13, Young adult Doe
  45. Available Rescue: A14, Young adult Male
  46. Available Rescue: Jeff, young adult male, not a beginner bunny!
  47. Available Individual: Dwarf Doe, aged 2, Stubbington
  48. Rehomed: Tulip very timid young girl GP
  49. Smokey - 5 month old dwarf lop
  50. Available Rescue: Fiver & Lero 7 year old brothers
  51. Available Rescue: fawn and white, french lop buck
  52. Available Rescue: Babby bunnies needing homes
  53. Available Individual: Small buck, 5 months old needs home,
  54. Available Rescue: Danny - Neutered male buck
  55. Available Rescue: 9 month old small black lop
  56. Available Rescue: Sparrow needs a home!
  57. Available Rescue: Alex needs a home!
  58. Available Rescue: Female lop eared rabbit -Stapely
  59. Available Individual: french lop x doe -Wrexham
  60. Available Individual: Molly and Charlie a bonded pair of two years old,
  61. Available Rescue: Jakob & Wilhelm (from the brothers Grimm)
  62. Reserved: Bobbie small male housebunny
  63. Rehomed: Briony Beautiful Rex
  64. Rehomed: Naomi ~Mini Ermine Rex Doe Special needs
  65. Rehomed: Rosalea ... small single girlie bun ...
  66. Reserved: little blind girl needs a special home..... piccie added
  67. Available Rescue: The Family
  68. Rehomed: Romeo
  69. Rehomed: Summer
  70. Reserved: Button U/D with another picture!
  71. Rehomed: Gina
  72. Available Rescue: Rupert
  73. Available Rescue: no one wants me... because i nip
  74. Reserved: candy orange rex ....
  75. Available Rescue: reggie, 12 week old continental giant
  76. Reserved: Percey and Pickle
  77. Reserved: Winnie
  78. Available Rescue: Nelson
  79. Reserved: Leo and Lila
  80. Available Rescue: Dave
  81. Available Individual: Fairly urgent appeal- Manchester
  82. Available Rescue: Amber and Alfie, 2-year old pair, SW London
  83. Available Individual: Sophie and Thumper (been waiting 6 months for a new home :-( )
  84. Available Individual: Sugar-blue-grey nethie with a little bit of lionhead in her
  85. Reserved: Harvey = front tootless bunny ideal house bunny
  86. Available Rescue: Hyzenthlay is on the lookout!
  87. Available Rescue: Bosco and Chewie
  88. Available Rescue: anyone for a girliepig trio
  89. Available Individual: Dwarf lop buck, looking for home Bershire
  90. Available Rescue: Rehoming clogged up with hard to rehome rabbits
  91. Reserved: Frankie
  92. Available Rescue: Jasper & Conran
  93. Aggressive Female Desparatly Seeks Experience Home
  94. Fern - 6 Year Old Neutered Doe - Reserved
  95. Available Rescue: Non bunny rescue, needs home for two buns
  96. Available Rescue: vinegar is a spayed female- Manchester
  97. Available Rescue: Humf is a male rabbit - Manchester
  98. Available Rescue: scruffs and rags are mum and daughter _ Manchester
  99. Reserved: 2 funny pigs !!the 2 Ronnies ..reserved
  100. Available Rescue: Percy
  101. Available Rescue: Treasure, middle aged man
  102. Reserved: Little Cuddles
  103. Available Rescue: Bobbi, middle aged man
  104. Reserved: Rupert, the BEW lop
  105. Available Rescue: Beautiful Bumble
  106. Available Rescue: Parsley
  107. Available Rescue: Liz fawn mini lop - Manchester
  108. Available Rescue: Jo and Ellie - female mini lops
  109. Available Rescue: Dumbo is a 12 month old male German lop
  110. Available Rescue: Blackberry and Janey are 2 female black mini lops who do not live together,
  111. Available Rescue: Horis and Boris are 2 male guinea pigs
  112. Available Rescue: The Tribe who are looking for a new home after having their babies
  113. Rescues, Need your help!!!
  114. Rescues, Need your help!!! 11 buns!
  115. Available Rescue: Neutered Boar Guinea Pig
  116. Available Rescue: Tiffany for ARC Twickenham
  117. Reserved: Sophie for ARC Twickenham
  118. Available Rescue: 7yr old Male seeks forever home
  119. Available Individual: Piggie girl needs a home- Tulip
  120. Gizmo -2yr old loinhead x lop female (rehomed)
  121. Available Individual: Two bonded boys looking for home - Huddersfield
  122. Available Rescue: 3 12 week old sisters - Manchester
  123. Available Rescue: Tinker - large lady seeks gentleman bunny and understanding home
  124. Reserved: Gorgeous bunny loooking for HUN BUN!
  125. Available Rescue: Diego - home as single house rabbit wanted - midlands
  126. Available Rescue: Hyacinth - home as single house rabbit wanted, midlands
  127. Available Rescue: Special home needed for special girl
  128. Available Individual: Daisy neutered female -Glasgow
  129. Rehomed: Guinea pig girl, REHOMED
  130. Available Rescue: Guinea pairs and a Trio
  131. Available Individual: Smokey and Bandit need a home
  132. Available Rescue: Bigs, unusual, one blue eye dutch
  133. Available Rescue: Wonky, another unsual male Dutch
  134. Available Rescue: Bags, yet another unusual Dutch
  135. Available Rescue: Tuft, friendly black female
  136. Available Rescue: Muddle, gorgeous, uppie earred male
  137. Rehomed: Piggies Needing HomesREHOMED
  138. 3 Single boys looking for separate homes!! (All gone)
  139. Meet Lettie, Such A Complex Rabbit - Reserved
  140. Available Rescue: a bonded pair of chinchilla,s
  141. Reserved: Frodo and Fritzi 7.5 year old pair
  142. Available Rescue: 7 PEW short haired upeared babies - Twickenham
  143. Reserved: Bruce male netherland dwarf
  144. Available Rescue: Bunny 2 year old up eared male
  145. Available Rescue: Arabelle a 1 year old up eared female
  146. Rehomed: Missie Pretty but Timid Doe
  147. Rehomed: Sunshine Very Nervous Doe
  148. Available Rescue: Jonquil, A Challenge!
  149. Available Individual: Baby lionhead crosses need home
  150. Rehomed: Special appeal for Frankie male REW lionhead
  151. Available Rescue: FRICK a 2.5 year male
  152. Can a rescue take in 2 giant buns??
  153. Available Rescue: Bing Been Here Too Long
  154. Available Rescue: Gerbils needing homes
  155. Reserved: Princess, Special Needs Doe -
  156. Available Rescue: Several pairs looking for new homes (ARC)
  157. Available Rescue: Naboo - 5 month sooty fawn lop buck... very cute!
  158. Reserved: Adorable Boy ...lovely Theodore
  159. Reserved: single young male...Muppet..NEW PICS P2
  160. Reserved: Shaun...the sheep bunny ..
  161. Available Rescue: georgeous friendly pair of 1yr old buns
  162. Available Individual: coco 7yr old neutered special male
  163. Available Individual: Floyd the bunny needs a home
  164. Available Individual: Urgent special needs buns, needs home
  165. Rehomed: hetty, betty and petty G/P's
  166. Available Rescue: Wilf and Alf G/P's
  167. Available Rescue: Harry and Millie
  168. Available Rescue: Pooh Bear
  169. Sky and Storm, Mis Marked Dutch Sisters 1yrs! (still here)
  170. Reserved: Starbuck - deaf neutered male
  171. Bruno - Black Loinhead x, 4yrs old, Lovely Chap! (Reserved)
  172. Available Rescue: Jemima Nethie
  173. Reserved: Toby wants a woman!!
  174. Available Rescue: Special boy Kitty
  175. Rehomed: Suen Suen - Lionhead in Bristol
  176. Wanted: Female Nethie
  177. Available Rescue: Rosy and Tansy
  178. Available Individual: Bunnies looking for homes (various)
  179. Available Rescue: Rebecca!
  180. Ceasar - Blue + White Dutch (Reserved)
  181. Reserved: Antony and Cleopatra
  182. Reserved: Brian the scrummy georgeous single bunster ...
  183. COCO - Dutch - 3ys old (still here)
  184. Available Rescue: Thumper 3yr old male
  185. Available Rescue: Jerry 8 week old lop - Bristol
  186. Rehomed: Terry 8 week old lop -Bristol
  187. Available Rescue: Joe Adult lop - Bristol
  188. Available Rescue: Betty and Bo
  189. Available Rescue: George
  190. Rehomed: Porkie Is looking for love, Manchester
  191. Rehomed: Pumpkin - English Spot buck
  192. Available Rescue: Stella & Bobby for ARC Twickenham
  193. Available Rescue: Rhys, Gwen, Jack, Lois, Martha and Rose pink eyed whites for ARC Twickenham
  194. Rehomed: Tubs - Obese guy need special home
  195. Rehomed: Scruff -wants a loving retirement home
  196. Available Rescue: Tiger - young lionhead seeks family home
  197. Rehomed: Austin - Wants lots of fuss again
  198. Dougal - Dental bun looking for love
  199. Available Rescue: Douglas - young bun needs understanding home
  200. Available Rescue: Gracie - Young Female Bun from NRSA Rescue
  201. Reserved: Wilbur...single male 1yr old
  202. 2 female rats need specail home U/D with pics
  203. Available Individual: two Dwarf lop rabbits - Hampshire
  204. Foster Wanted: Fosterers- Essex
  205. Reserved: Fergie, Dutch x Boy
  206. Rehomed: Aria Pretty girl.Smallish!
  207. Reserved: William ..georgeous , single,young agouti boy
  208. Available Individual: Male lionhead - South wales
  209. Available Individual: 2 French lops -Hampshire
  210. Rehomed: Cute Pair of Nethie boys
  211. Available Rescue: Fluffie beautiful tan female
  212. Rehomed: Primrose And Bluebell..georgeous pair..EVEN BETTER PICS P2
  213. Available Rescue: Katie - Twickenham area
  214. Rehomed: Garfield, needs alot of tlc, can you help....
  215. Available Rescue: Buster
  216. Wanted: Wallaby Says "Towels For Rescue?"
  217. Available Rescue: 7-8 month old Neutered Boar
  218. 2 male g.pigs need a home u/d new pics (Reserved)
  219. Rehomed: Sailor Housebun
  220. Available Rescue: posted on behalf of RSPCA,,aggresive rabbit needs a home
  221. Available Rescue: Bonded females -waiting two years for a home -Kirby
  222. Rehomed: Jasmine and Diesel - we have a home
  223. Available Rescue: Beautiful shy Thorn
  224. Available Rescue: Shiloh- Female English Spot X
  225. Available Rescue: Sally- Female English Spot X
  226. Available Rescue: Teddy- Chinchilla Lop
  227. Available Rescue: Jester
  228. Buffy - 1yr 8months, Dutch (Rehomed)
  229. Available Rescue: Button!
  230. Available Rescue: Otis Nethie Boy!
  231. Available Rescue: Tiny Scampi!
  232. Available Rescue: Little Tiggy
  233. Available Rescue: Mogwai and Blaze PIGGIES
  234. Foster Wanted: for mum and 4 babies/ bad news
  235. Rehomed: Laurel Young Doe
  236. Missy, 3yr old lionhead
  237. Available Rescue: Bonded - Mum and daughter (ears missing) - video post 42
  238. Available Rescue: Bonded Trio - Magpie Harlequins
  239. Available Individual: 2 lionhead crosses - Leeds
  240. Available Rescue: Fifi Gorgeous Large Californian
  241. Rehomed: Ann Lovely dutchie
  242. Rehomed: Noleen and Colleen Lovely dutchies
  243. Foster Wanted: Two bunnies need help for 12 months - London
  244. Rehomed: 4 Rabbits With Hutches.
  245. Rehomed: urgent home needed for neutered male bunny..4yr old/ pic on p2
  246. Reserved: Cookie ..georgeous ,friendly , cheeky single boy bun.more pics page 2
  247. Reserved: Elderly Group Arrived pics ps 37
  248. Rehomed: MOLLY, chinchilla girl, ARC
  249. Reserved: Grace, the perfect house guest!
  250. Rehomed: Libby Bun French lop looking for love