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  1. Available Rescue: 2 lovely Sows + another pair
  2. Rehomed: bunny in wales (powys) needing a home
  3. Rehomed: Janice- a bereaved Guinea Pig
  4. Rehomed: Holly pig
  5. Available Rescue: Ronnie - single house rabbit
  6. 2 Handsome Boys Cloud and MiniMe/New Pics - Rehomed
  7. Available Individual: Home required Moby 4 year old Lop
  8. Available Rescue: Male Hamster needs home
  9. Rehomed: Mr Bunny . mature single male housebun..new pic p3
  10. Rehomed: Pippin ...young single boy
  11. Rehomed: Icarus
  12. Reserved: Do you like a challenge.....
  13. Rehomed: Wookie ...fluff ball.....new pic ...
  14. Rehomed: Parsley...single boy
  15. Available Rescue: Annabelle
  16. Rehomed: Degus Need home
  17. Available Individual: Two piggies needing home
  18. Available Rescue: Homes For Christmas Update post 42
  19. Available Individual: 2 bunnies need home,
  20. Available Individual: x ♥ x Fiver & Badger need a home together x ♥ x
  21. Rehomed: Eddie needs a very special home!
  22. My Little Xmas Puddings
  23. Available Rescue: Gipsy and Perry need a home.
  24. Available Rescue: Looking for a male?
  25. Available Individual: Smartie looking for a home - Doe
  26. Rehomed: neutered boar piggie
  27. Reserved: Pip New Zealand White
  28. Reserved: Loppy - harlequin dwarf lop
  29. Available Rescue: Flipper Young boy bunny
  30. Available Rescue: Special appeal for two single bucks that lived in a cardboard box UD PICS
  31. Reserved: Charlie ... single neutered male piggie...what a charecter
  32. Available Rescue: Anyone For a Handsome Piggie?
  33. Available Individual: Enya, Niamh and Patrick
  34. Rehomed: Buttons...single 6m old boy
  35. Reserved: A new thread for Dillon and Simba ....
  36. Available Individual: Lovely doe saved from e-bay
  37. Available Rescue: Two girl gerbals looking for home
  38. Available Individual: 10 week old lionheads
  39. Available Rescue: Bruno & Lisa (Giant & Large Dutch)
  40. Rehomed: Special Appeal for Angelika and Kimmy
  41. Rehomed: Sharon.
  42. Rehomed: Dusty ...single adult male ...v friendly
  43. Available Rescue: A home for Christmas?
  44. Available Rescue: Indoor home urgently needed.
  45. 2 Rex Buns, Warrington: UPDATE Bun run needed
  46. Reserved: Mitch Says....
  47. Available Individual: Black otter Nethie Doe
  48. Available Rescue: Bambam Says(extra bun added)
  49. Available Individual: 3 10 week old lionheads looking for a home
  50. Available Rescue: Shelly - Himilayan Neddie
  51. Available Rescue: wait...till you see this georgeous single boy bun .
  52. Reserved: Hazel, 4-year old agouti gummy bunny (ARC)
  53. Available Rescue: josie, speyed female 5years old needs a home asap
  54. Available Rescue: group of female piggies various ages....
  55. Available Rescue: fred and barney young male piggies
  56. Available Individual: Two does need home cornwall
  57. Available Individual: Piggie is Essex needs home
  58. Rehomed: Flopsey and Moonshine ... lovely pair of spayed girlies..NEW PICS
  59. Rehomed: Denim young lad Leicester
  60. Rehomed: Meet Matilda...a georgeous single girlie bun ...
  61. Available Rescue: Two gerbil girls need homes
  62. Available Individual: BEW Buck Needing Home
  63. Available Rescue: mowgli.... young buck in need of a wife....
  64. Available Rescue: Tweed..Gorgeous young boy
  65. Rehomed: Velvet..nice young girl Leicester
  66. Rehomed: Make the 3 fluffs New Year, a happy one!!
  67. Available Rescue: Trying again for Honey!
  68. Rehomed: Co-co
  69. Rehomed: Truffles
  70. Available Rescue: Ruby
  71. Available Rescue: Leo and Chips
  72. Available Rescue: Trying again for Angelika and Kimmy
  73. Rehomed: Trying again for Tommy and Delilah U/D new pics
  74. Rehomed: i need a special indoor home ...please look..new pic p3
  75. Available Rescue: rikki french lop
  76. Available Rescue: lucky
  77. Available Individual: 3 year old lionhead doe
  78. Foster Wanted: Temp foster home for Buck - Scotland
  79. Available Individual: Mini Lop x doe, very sad story
  80. Rehomed: Trying again for Danny and Jasmine
  81. Available Individual: Custard needs home Manchester
  82. Available Rescue: lots of mice
  83. Available Rescue: french lop males
  84. Available Rescue: ears the french lop
  85. Available Individual: 22 Guinea pigs various- Preston
  86. Available Rescue: A Funky Piggie
  87. Available Rescue: german lops
  88. Available Rescue: german lop male
  89. Rescues Please Can You Help? 61 Rabbits.
  90. Rehomed: "I Need A Special Home"
  91. Available Rescue: Cadbury a rex x female
  92. Available Rescue: frankie
  93. Available Rescue: mash french lop
  94. Available Rescue: Lauren, Hannah and Jessica
  95. Available Rescue: Daniella a 3 month old female
  96. Rehomed: Angel georgeous female rex
  97. Available Rescue: Lisa 2 years old fluffy lionhead
  98. Available Rescue: Buker a 6 month old dark chocolate lop
  99. Available Rescue: Lucky 6 month old agouti & white lionhead
  100. Available Rescue: Shadow 5 year old female
  101. Reserved: Rosie an affectionate female dutch bunny
  102. Available Rescue: DOLLY 2 year old pretty harlequin lop
  103. Available Rescue: Looking for a little Pickle?
  104. Rehomed: LUKE, 2-year old sable lionhead, new photos
  105. Available Rescue: Emma and Flynn
  106. Available Rescue: Older couple Pics post 12
  107. Available Individual: 1 year old doe looking for home
  108. 5 year old male piggie and female bunny in need
  109. Available Individual: British ginat looking for experienced home
  110. Available Rescue: Lionhead X Fosters - They are Girls! UD Babies!!!!
  111. Rehomed: Compo 8 month old Buck
  112. Rehomed: Ebony piggie
  113. Rehomed: Miss Minnie ..single female ..
  114. Reserved: Ralphy....single handsome male
  115. Available Rescue: Ollie and Vinny 4 year old male piggies
  116. Available Rescue: BooBoo
  117. Available Rescue: Pip
  118. Available Rescue: Ruby
  119. Available Rescue: Bentley and Porsche
  120. Rehomed: Ginny
  121. Reserved: Tallulah
  122. Rehomed: Lucy
  123. Available Rescue: Lonely three year old dwarf lop
  124. Available Individual: 2 bunnies need home - Wales
  125. Available Rescue: 1 x Lionheads & 1 Nethie
  126. Available Individual: Urgent 4 12week old babies need help
  127. Rehomed: Trying Again for Bailey / UD He has a new home!
  128. Available Rescue: January 1 Year Old girl
  129. Available Rescue: Chloe - 9 yr old french lop (Herts)
  130. Available Rescue: Special needs pair (Herts)
  131. Available Rescue: Another special needs pair (Herts)
  132. Available Individual: One year buck looking for home
  133. Available Individual: Female looking for home Nottingham
  134. Wanted: Looking for two old sows -Berks
  135. Reserved: Single Female French Lop X Lionhead..new pic p3
  136. Foster Wanted: Fosterers wanted in Essex/London/kent area
  137. Available Rescue: Trying Again For Denim
  138. Available Rescue: ferguson, handsome piggy looking for love !!!
  139. Available Rescue: fiver
  140. Available Rescue: Charlie Chaplin
  141. Available Rescue: not a rabbit I know but 3 cats looking for loving homes
  142. Available Rescue: Domino and Randal, 2 lovely male piggies
  143. Rehomed: Lovely Foggy.under 1 year buck
  144. Available Individual: Two year old bonded pair lionhead x's
  145. Available Individual: little agouti lop doe- Nr Manchester
  146. Available Rescue: Bonded does 18 mths, Bristol
  147. Available Rescue: Lionhead buck 6mth old Bristol
  148. Available Rescue: Mini lop buck - Bristol
  149. Available Rescue: Buck lop 4-5 month old - Bristol
  150. Available Rescue: Meet Doc a 3 month old REW
  151. Available Rescue: Meet Ruby a 3 month old female
  152. Available Rescue: Looking for a lady to keep his apartment clean
  153. Available Individual: Middle aged lady seeks sugar daddy for love and companionship
  154. Wanted: Timmy is looking for love, small female wanted
  155. Wanted: Baby boar to be friends with older boar
  156. Available Rescue: Meet Hamish who is searching for lurve ...
  157. Available Rescue: Hansom male seeks pretty mistress ....
  158. Available Rescue: Male looking for someone to roll in the hay with ...
  159. Available Rescue: 2 needy bunnies..update p3
  160. Tess - Black + White Dutch
  161. Available Rescue: french lops
  162. Reserved: eddie and murphy, 5 month old rew,s
  163. Available Rescue: cookie and crumble stunning rexes....
  164. Available Rescue: Yet Another Plea
  165. Reserved: Gorgeous young bunster Murphy
  166. Available Rescue: Lola a lop eared bun with attitude.
  167. Rehomed: Sweet as PEACHES....georgeous single female bun...new pics
  168. Rehomed: STELLA, small sealpoint youngster, ARC
  169. Rehomed: MUNCHKIN, small sealpoint youngster, ARC
  170. Reserved: Ramona ...beautiful single female dutch ..
  171. Barney needs a home
  172. Rehomed: Wesley: gorgeous young boy (Essex)
  173. Rehomed: Benji needs a loving home (Essex)
  174. Available Rescue: Terrence wants a mature lady!!
  175. Available Individual: /p@h two bonded bunnies-Leicester
  176. Available Rescue: Bobbi wants a new girl
  177. Reserved: sooty...young buck in need of a lady bun
  178. rescue closing down!!
  179. please delete ..double post
  180. Rehomed: Damson...lovely natured single girlie ..
  181. Reserved: Kyla...very pretty young female bun
  182. Rehomed: Sweetpea will need a special home/foster. NOW WITH PICS.
  183. I've done something very rash and need help!
  184. Reserved: Jessie, 4year old female dutch cross seeks a loving partner.
  185. Reserved: Camilla seeks a new man in her life
  186. Available Rescue: Freddy 4year old lionhead cross
  187. Rehomed: Leo and Chips Try again
  188. Rehomed: BooBoo now needs a special home.
  189. Available Rescue: Norbitt and Bea need home - Bristol
  190. Available Rescue: Bonded pair - Bristol
  191. Available Individual: Baby rex needs a home -lincolnshire
  192. Reserved: 2 little piggies ..pickle and basil
  193. double post ..sorry
  194. Available Rescue: Tigger & Lindt. sadly needing a new home
  195. Reserved: Harry...handsome single 4yr old buck
  196. Reserved: Ollie French lop Girlie
  197. Available Rescue: Rosie and Jemima go national!
  198. Available Individual: Two bucks needing home - Manchester
  199. Available Rescue: pair of dutch buns..desperatly seeking a forever home. UPDATE P3
  200. Available Individual: Loving grey doe looking for new home
  201. Available Rescue: Lazarus wants a home!
  202. Reserved: Fiver wants a new home!!
  203. Available Rescue: Hyzenththlay wants a wife!
  204. Reserved: Fuzzums!!
  205. Available Individual: Albino 1x White with grey motled spots
  206. Available Individual: Black Otter Nethie- Buck
  207. Available Rescue: 5 guinea pigs looking for homes
  208. Rehomed: Desperate Plea Overlooked pair PICS added
  209. Available Individual: 2 british giants need home
  210. Available Rescue: French lop Doe - Bristol
  211. Available Rescue: Lionhead buck 7 mths - Bristol
  212. Available Rescue: Daz Needs Home With Lots Of Cuddles!
  213. Available Rescue: DRIFT NEEDS A HOME/ She would really like to go with Daz
  214. Wanted: Rabbit Foster Homes Needed by the RSPCA in the North East
  215. Available Individual: Tululag and Buster need a home - Middlesex
  216. Available Individual: 2 lovely sisters looking for home
  217. Available Individual: 3 - 5 Baby bunnys Ballygally (near larne) Co.Antrim
  218. Available Rescue: Anya and Bindi - Gerbils need homes
  219. Rehomed: Fern ...beautiful agouti girlie..NEW PIC (CUTIE !)
  220. Available Rescue: CODIE ...single English male...UPDATE end P3
  221. Rehomed: Beautiful Blue wants a wife.
  222. Available Rescue: Bumble is on the lookout...
  223. Available Rescue: Toby wants a chance at life.
  224. Available Rescue: Special appeal for Honey.
  225. Rehomed: single piggie (male)
  226. Rehomed: I'll Need A Home In A Few Wheeeeeeeks!
  227. Trio of "dolls" in Gloucester
  228. Rehomed: Brownie
  229. Rehomed: Gorgeous Granger 3 year old Buck
  230. Available Rescue: Quinn 15 Month Old Buck
  231. Rehomed: Beautiful Pair
  232. Available Rescue: Lop Earded Buck 1 year old - Bristol
  233. Available Rescue: Male uppy eared - Manchester
  234. Available Rescue: Titch and Tike male guinea pigs
  235. Available Rescue: Chocolate -small uppy eared manchester
  236. Available Rescue: Weedle - French lop buck - Manchester
  237. Available Rescue: Hugo and Boss - Male Guinea pigs
  238. Available Rescue: Bob and Billy Male guinea pigs manchester
  239. Available Rescue: Black french lop - male - Manchester
  240. Available Rescue: 4 mini rex/ giants x babies
  241. Rehomed: ELLIOT...needs some TLC and patience.
  242. Rehomed: lizzie... 17 month old female
  243. Available rescue: Lovely Bessie
  244. Available Rescue: Leona - baby guinea pig
  245. Available Rescue: Thelma & Louise
  246. Available Rescue: Soli - Giant X Rex
  247. Available resue - Joey (won't let me post in rabbits in need) u/d we get to keep him!
  248. Avi, female Nethie cross needs a home.
  249. Muffin - 2yr Old Black + White Dutch
  250. Maisy - 2yr Old Blue + White Dutch